Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello geeks

Hello, my fellow geeks. I am Thejasvi and I am here to share some of my knowledge on Embedded systems and also to get more from your side.

While growing up I was fascinated by the advancement of technology that was taking place by my side. Computers and internet were new words for India. Even though mobile phones entered a little late, they proliferated like viruses and bacterias. This attracted my attention. I searched the reason for the hype these devices or technologies created. It interested me. I started searching for info as to how they work, what are their advantages or limitations and all. This motivated me to take Electronics and Communication in B.E.

I am kind of a person who likes to try things practically and see the results. So I started doing some hobby projects with my friend Sagar during my second year of B.E. At first all we did was simple circuits like voltage regulator and all. Later we started working with ATmega microcontrollers. This is when our interest in hobby projects boosted. After playing a lot with it and getting familiar with it we did some simple and small projects like 1. An USB oscilloscope, 2. An IR remote control for PC and 3. A simple 2D game console. At this stage I would like to thank AVR Freaks (, which provided and is providing a lot of help for us and also for newbies to AVR microcontrollers.

After working for nearly one and half years with AVR controllers, we decided to shift over to ARM cored fast 32-bit controllers with many many more features. Thus we ordered the Blueboard-LPC1768-H development board for LPC1768 - A Cortex-M3 based microcontroller. As this LPC1768 is a new chip, not many people have worked with it. Since there were no tutorials and guidance, we found it a little difficult to start working with LPC1768. Now we have decided to document everything we do so that it will help others who are interested to work with or who are working on ARM based controllers. And this blog is simply to document what all we do, to help others and to improve ourselves with the help of your feedback or suggestions.

And most importantly, I and Sagar will share the work of documentation. So you may need to refer this blog as well as Sagar's blog ( to get all the details. To make you more comfortable we will cross link the posts in each other's blog so that you will not miss any info.

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