Monday, April 18, 2011

Success of 2D game console

Long time efforts have paid off and we were able to create a 2D game console for NTSC TV!! The features and specifications of the console are as follows.

  1. It renders video of resolution 256x240 at 60fps.
  2. NTSC composite video compatible.
  3. It provides 256 shades of colors simultaneously by using 8-bit per pixel (4 for luma and 4 for chroma).
  4. It uses 8x8 Tile structure.
  5. It supports Tile only mode and Tile + Sprites mode.
  6. It supports a background Tile World of size 20x20 TV screens (It can be extended as much as there is space in flash or RAM.
  7. It can render maximum of 192 sprites per frame with a maximum of 32 sprites per line.
  8. It supports transparency of sprites.

    More to come for this game console
    1. Stereo support.
    2. micro SD card interface.
    3. Load and flash games from micro SD card.
    4. NES/SNES compatible game controllers.
    5. MIDI support.

      Some PICS of the rendered video.

                                          All those white ghosts are sprites!!

      Some Tech Demos of the Game Console project can be viewed here.

      A complete 2D game will be done and implemented on this system ASAP. And more importantly after the completion of this project, it will be made open source.


      Anonymous said...

      Is there any news on this project ?

      Thejasvi said...

      This project is complete. It is a 2D game console for NTSC TV. It can be made compatible for PAL very easily. Remaining details are in the post only.

      I will be uploading the complete project details soon.

      Saurabh Shandilya said...

      Awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is Insane!! u have got a fan!!
      I have been doing stuff in embedded but over the OS layer. love to see something into the core!

      Thejasvi .M.V said...

      Thanks Saurabh for the appreciation.